Did You Know?

Also referred to as “touch wood” in Europe, knocking on wood has been a staple ritual around the world as a means to attract good luck.

                             Where does this come from?

 To start, several cultures and groups around the world regarded trees as home to spirits hundreds of years ago. One assumption is that knocking on wood evolved from the routine of people laying their hands on trees before wishing for something or asking for a favor. Another common practice was people knocking on trees to let the spirits within know they were present; in fact many in Ireland still practice this.

The phrase “Knock on wood” itself was noted as early as 1905 when an American newspaper claimed that the unexpected behavior of the weather was perhaps due to the lack of knocking on wood earlier. One thing is for sure, regardless of which may be the most accurate, this tradition still holds its ground as one of the most widely practiced forms of drawing luck.


We’re just like the millions out there who find ourselves saying “knock on wood” all the time throughout the day. And just like everyone else, too often we feel shorthanded, searching around for any real wood where we can put our knuckles to work.

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