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Wood Chatter
Whether its knocking on wood or other practices to draw luck, calling on fortune or superstition has been well practiced for thousands of years now. For centuries, we all have been enticed by the idea that carrying out some form of ritual or belief can aid us in our aspirations and wishes in hopes of drawing some good fortune in our lives. Whether a seemingly minor event like hoping for no morning traffic to more impactful occasions like an interview or exam going well, luck has its place throughout the full spectrum. From beliefs engrained in spiritual or religious entities being the direct and only source of luck, these beliefs have expanded to objects being sources or utilities for some luck as well.
Knocking on wood perhaps may be one of the oldest practices involving the usage of materials to draw luck. You may hear the phrase “touch wood” often. This stems from the action of laying one’s hands on a tree to draw on the luck. While this may sound archaic or even modest, its actually one of the roots of what would become knocking on wood. Trees were seen as home to spirits by many cultures and groups of people around the world. To knock, tap or touch wood was a means of calling on or drawing these spirits. Opportunities to draw on some luck were plentiful even hundreds of years ago. Hoping for a good harvest, good climate, and even better hunting seasons were just some instances where this came into play.
A newspaper in 1905 noted that perhaps the reason for the lackluster weather of the day was the result of not knocking on any wood. While the practice has been around for centuries in ways previously explained, many agree this put the term “Knock on wood” into the mainstream in the Western world! Now this term is heard everywhere from office places to sporting events. These days, drawing luck or manifesting wishes has gone beyond your friendly piece of wood. Folks throw pennies into fountains, break dishes, blow eyelashes and a whole host of other odd and interesting practices. When you boil it down, what is there to lose? Have a little fun, set some intentions and see what these long-celebrated traditions can add to your life.

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