Wood Chatter

There are few milestones that stand out in a parent’s mind when thinking about their children’s lives especially in the early years. First words, when they learned how to walk and talk, perhaps their first sports game. Amongst all those is inevitably graduation. Kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college and on and on.

      Progression into the next level of life. The learning of essential skills that will carry on down the road. The celebration of an accumulation of challenges and learning. These are all the things that a child’s graduation represents to parents and the child themselves. That walk across the stage is one of life’s cherished moments for everyone watching and either directly or indirectly involved. The emotions before and after are indescribable yet can often be seen on full display in the hundreds of photos taken on the big day.

    So what do you get a child or friend celebrating this momentous occasion?

Here are 3 fantastic ideas we put together for you to explore. Enjoy!

  1. Get Away: Who doesn’t want to get away for a few days or weeks in the summertime? Take the new grad somewhere special where they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. The key here of course is to let the person of the hour choose where he or she wants to go. Perhaps its somewhere they’ve mentioned before. Maybe somewhere you promised they’d go if they graduated. Well, time to call that in! This not only allows your kid to get out of a common environment and build memories but also for you as a parent to lay back from the daily grind for a bit.
  • Build a Skill: Learning an instrument, how to dance, a summer sports camp, etc. All great ways to show your kid your willing to recognize their huge accomplishment by funding one of these endeavors. While many of these types of commitments don’t come cheap, its positive reinforcement for any kid to continue learning outside the classroom. The motivation to work hard in school with the knowing that a reward of a summer sports camp for example is on the horizon is second to none for many. Being a well-developed student and individual inside and outside the classroom is critical and this type of gift encourages a child to achieve that.
  • Gifts for the Next Stage: Dorm room accessories, tech and gadgets, perhaps a fancy good luck charm? All objects that any continuing student can utilize in the semester ahead. The key here is “cool”. Kids don’t like boring things wrapped in fancy gift bags. They like the newest technology out there, artistic eye catching items, and more of that nature. *myKnockOnWood for example is an authentic good luck charm that comes in 10+ cool designs one being a sharp graduation hat icon! A maple wood piece with a graduation hat design for example where the student can attach anywhere such as a dorm room desk. Personal good luck charms specifically made for students, guaranteed to by loved by them.  

Any or all of these combined make for a truly great and authentic gift for a graduating loved one.

An experience of a get away or gifting a good luck charm one can place in the new dorm or desk space all make the gift selection process much easier and much more useful. Say goodbye to last minute generic gifts. To celebrate an accomplishment that took the student years to obtain, we should put thoughtful effort and consideration to how we choose to celebrate.

The balloons, the smiles, the hugs, and of course whatever gift awaits in the fancy bag hidden under gift wrap. All these make the post graduation festivities memorable to say the least!