Wood Chatter

For most of us with day jobs, the workspace has become a home away from home. Stand, sit, take calls, shoot off emails and then some. Everything goes down in the workspace. Just like in the home, there is a safe space we like to create even within our work environments. While work time is not relaxing time, you want organization in this environment. You want familiarity within this environment. Most of all, you want comfort in this environment. After all a disorganized, uncomfortable & foreign work space is simply a recipe for disaster particularly in an already stressful job.

The answer? Dress that baby up!

The rise of art, office décor and all categories involving dressing the work space with fashionable items has exploded in the last few decades and with little surprise. In the current landscape of corporate expansion along with the entrepreneurship boom, more companies big and small mean more desk and office jobs. The number of people who work from a home office has risen more than 12% from just the last 5 years.

What does all this mean? That people are spending more time in a cubicle, office or wherever else they deem their new personal work space and they are keen on it looking GOOD.

   Enter office décor, fancy accessories, unique gadgets..the whole 9 yards. It has become almost customary to walk into your co-worker’s office and either consciously or subconsciously scan the room to get a feel of the individual. Sport memorabilia, pictures and sketches from the kids, degrees…all part of a typical office whether we’re talking about today or back in the 60’s.

However lately with new shops like Etsy, Amazon and more the range of eye catching and downright jaw dropping items and gadgets you will find on a desk or in an office is limitless!

The addition of office décor offers these cherished elements of grounding, familiarity and connectivity to the space we often spend hours upon hours working away.

Studies for years have shown that a well organized and comfortable space adds tremendously to your within that particular environment. Adding a friendly painting, interactable gadget or an eye catching art décor piece is for most the obvious course of action to fulfill the model. You walk in, hang the coat, fire up the laptop and get to work in a space that doesn’t look like its your first day in a new unfurnished house!

                What items do you like to add to your workspace? Which give you the biggest feeling of comfort, cool and trendy? What’s that one piece you stare at every day when your mind dozes off after that big afternoon lunch?

If your into small, cute and eye catching pieces around the desk or cubicle, check out our great myKnockOnWood selection! Made with office décor in mind, these were all designed with the intent of being placed around any kind of work space on pretty much any surface. For all the times you catch yourself saying “Knock on wood!” at work, this is for you. For all the times your co worker walks by and asks you to please spice up the desk full of folders, crumpled paper and used paperclips…we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of what you choose to add to your space, creating a more personal & aesthetic feel can only add to productivity and happiness in that space. Lets be honest, as much as we all love shopping we all love walking into a dressed up workspace that yells “COOL!” even more.