How we started


How we started




It all started with a random phone call with a friend.

We were brainstorming about all the fun ideas we’d love to bring to market and hopefully make an impact. Something that people could interact with every day and make themselves smile, and after a few minutes of thinking, I playfully said something along the lines of “Hey, we could all use some extra luck can’t we? How about a nice piece of real wood you would attach anywhere and just knock on!”

That was the birth & foundation of MyKnockOnWood. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds funny! That’s because it was meant to be! A nice breath of relief from the seriousness of life, the seemingly dull moments, quickly unpacked with a simple knock to let you know it’s going to be OK.

From this original thought which was a glimpse into a new possibility of a novel product, a flood of exciting and thought provoking questions followed.

“How do you make a product like this in a way where gifting it puts a smile on any friend’s face?”

“How do you make an inanimate object something that folks can still resonate with emotionally in a positive setting & manner?”

This was years ago, and only more recently did the actual design and goal come into play. I’m an engineer by trade and have worked at large Medical Device companies. The overall shape and design of MyKnockOnWood came one day while at work at a hip / knee implant manufacturer where I was caught up by the shape of an “Acetabular Cup” implant. With an immediate rush of excitement, I felt instantly that it would be the perfect dome shape for our product. Something smooth and elegant, that calls for you to “knock on”.

It felt extremely gratifying knowing this design would cater to not only the knocking aspect but also a perfect ergonomic shape allowing for stress relieving capabilities. “Finally”, I thought to myself, “it’s all coming together in even better fashion than I originally dreamed up!”

Next came the fasteners that allow you to attach or detach the wood piece as needed. I wanted something stronger than Velcro that would hold MyKnockOnWood in place and could be removed with a little tug. I found what that would be one day when my wife pushed me to get an “EZ Pass” to save on tolls when driving to work (also not carry a ton of change around!).

I was hesitant but then agreed, and as soon as it came I attached it to my windshield only to notice how GREAT the fasteners were: firm and strong but you could easily pop out the device as needed.

The combination of the two led to our patented MyKnockOnWood! So, now that you know the history, grab your favorite design and give it a knock!

What we hope to deliver to the world with this is a product that brings not only luck but also smiles, positivity and well being to all our customers and fans. Initially we had only our base model of the plain polished wood but decided it was necessary to have a wide selection of designs in order to have something that fits everyone. From pet lovers to professionals, recent grads to sport enthusiasts, we truly strive to deliver a great deal of value and some fun via our products to this wide audience.

As expected, many of our customers buy it specifically for the luck factor yet many also buy it simply for the creative décor, as the ideal gift or for the stress relieving nature of myKnockOnWood.

We love to see our customer’s satisfaction and needs met in all these areas! As a company, we will always strive to continue to deliver high quality products to the market and with the ultimate aim of more smiles and of course a ton of more luck!

Has myknockonwood saved your day?